1. What is Children of Incarcerated Parents Partnership (C.O.I.P.P.?) 

C.O.I.P.P. is a non-profit organization whose mission is to assist children who have an incarcerated loved one. In the years of its existence, it has also tried to offer resources to their caregivers.


2. Who are the members?

The members are from many different segments of the Frederick Community. This includes staff from the Frederick County Public Schools, the Frederick County Adult Detention Center, the Mental Health Association, volunteers in the community, and others.


3. How is this organization funded?

It is funded through voluntary contributions and small grants. The grants include organizations such as the Frederick Women’s Giving Circle, Church Women United, and others.


4. What are the accomplishments of this organization?

Over the last year we have accomplished many things including the following: Our first bowling/pizza party for caregivers and children; taping of record-able bears and the making of greeting cards by inmates at the Frederick County Detention Center; small group parenting sessions for caregivers; the annual Resource Fair, held each year at the Frederick County Detention Center; donation of two scholarships for caregivers at Frederick Community College; continuation of parenting classes for women inmates at the Frederick County Detention Center; distribution of Resource Bags for children who have a parent in jail; continuation of our lending/giving library at the Frederick Detention center; individual assistance for caregivers, as requested, and participation in numerous speaking discussions on this issue and the work of COIPP.


5. How can I become active in this organization?

If  you wish to contribute your services in any way, contact us through the contact page on our website. You can also call 240-578-5662.