Children of Incarcerated Parents Partnership has as its mission: To foster strong, resilient, hopeful children who are impacted by the incarceration of a loved one. We provide support, resources and services for the children, their caregivers and present and formerly incarcerated family members in the Frederick region. We are an all volunteer non profit that has been established for over sixteen years, but we continue to grow in number of those we serve and number of programs we do.

While there are over 300 men and women in the local Detention center on any given day, that number does not tell the whole story. The majority of this population has children, and the statistics do not show the number of Frederick parents in other facilities around the country. Because we are all volunteer, we are able to put the money raised directly into projects/activities to assist the children we serve.

We are planning to use the money raised to expand our children’s weekend activities and add transportation for special events. We also hope to expand our scholarships at Frederick Community College for those who care for the children and those who are recently released and have children, to expand our workshops for caregivers, to purchase more books for the children, and to help us build our present weekly program for those moms, dads and siblings recently released from jail. Please help us help the children.


Our mission is to foster the growth of strong, resilient, hopeful children who are impacted by an incarcerated loved one in the Frederick County region.


Terrific news from The Common Market!

COIPP is one of their chosen non profits for this quarter, October through December. Bring your own bag and receive a special coin. It allows you to vote for your favorite non-profit from a group of four on your way out. We will receive the proceeds of these coins, as well as a percentage of the proceeds from the Common Market during this quarter. This is a real Win-Win—- great for the environment and great for us!


Thank you The Frederick Chorale for including us in this fantastic event! Admission is free with donations collected for COIPP. We appreciate your generosity and invite all of our followers to join us for a wonderful evening of choral music.


It's BACK TO SCHOOL shopping time! 

When you do your back to school shopping, Amazon donates to Children of Incarcerated Parents Partnership Inc.

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