All Great Things Happening With COIPP!

Thank goodness for the blizzard  It allowed COIPP the time necessary to review and order 500 books from 'Reading is Fundamental'. In the Fall we were the local Macy' and RIF's chosen non-profit; their support led to today's order. Thank you everyone who participated; our looking/taking library at the Detention center is soon to be filled with terrific new books for the boys and girls.

Save the date!  This year's Cupcake Run will be on Sunday April, 17th, in the morning at Monocacy Village Park in Frederick. Once again, we will be sharing the money raised with our friends at Blessings in A Backpack. We are going to need volunteers, volunteers, and more volunteers on the day of the race. If you can help  out, please let us know!

Great news keeps coming our way!  Just got an email from Love and Company Marketing Agency. Each year at their anniversary they choose a non-profit for their 'Love Fest'.  Two years ago they chose Heartley House, last year they chose Blessings In A Backpack, and this year US!  They are going to be collecting items for the kids and filling bags so that they will be ready well before our next Resource Fair. We will be presenting a COIPP overview to the employees late next week.  What a great community service they are offering.

So many wonderful things keep happening and we can't thank our supporters enough! Thank you!