Great Start to School Year!

How do we fund our work that continues to grow and grow? We do it through donations, grants and fundraisers. Here are some important collaborations that are going on. This is a partial list for they go on and on. 

Collaboration with the Frederick Unity Campaign- From September 14 through September 25 we are working with the Unity Campaign and nineteen other non profits to raise money for each organization.  Each amount raised will be partially matched. 

Collaboration with The Muse- Join us on Saturday, October 1, for an art auction at this great North Market Street Store. Children, local artists, friends of COIPP, as well as female inmates, have come together to produce creative art canvases motivated by the book The Dot. All proceeds go to COIPP. 

Collaboration with the HJSerini Foundation and Curious Iguana Book Store- Join us at a Read-A-Thon that will take place in the window of the book store from 8 AM until midnight on October 22.  Every page read will earn $2.00. There will even be something for the kids!

Collaboration with Frederick Community College and Frederick Women's Circle- Two  needy students who are caregivers for children with incarceration in their families have received scholarships for the Fall semester. In the Spring more scholarships will be given out. Collaboration with The Delaplaine Center For The Arts- This offers free first Saturday art classes for any COIPP child. 

Collaborations with Dancing Bear Toy Store and Curious Iguana Book Store- New books will be given to all families who attend COIPP workshops at Head Start and Lucas Village, and new toys that encourage language and positive emotional development will be placed in the play room at Lucas Village. 

Silent Auction- This annual event will be on Wednesday, December 7, at the Delaplaine Art Center. We accept original art, services, jewelry, gift cards and more. This is our collaboration with you!