April Update!

Hello! We have been busy! 

New Zealand Conference- The very first international conference about children who have an incarcerated parent was held in New Zealand last month. Shari Ostrow Scher, our founder and president, made her way there to do a workshop about our COIPP journey. In addition, there were presenters and keynote speakers from 19 countries and 5 continents. The information gathered will be shared with our COIPP Board.  It was amazing to see how many of the issues children face here are also faced across the world.

Our new Christmas Eve Day and Christmas Day Sharing Fairs at FCDC were huge successes. We are now busy getting ready for our Spring Sharing Fairs, to be held at the FCDC.  We are grateful to all who have contributed hygiene supplies, underwear and gently used toys and books. This time the two fairs, one during men’s visitation and one during women’s, will be enhanced by ten boxes of school supplies, donated, to give out. We now do a minimum of five Sharing ‘Fairs a year. What growth we have experienced!

Ready Rosie is now a part of COIPP.  This wonderful program for kids, filled with vignettes by parents and children, as well as articles and discussions by a wide variety of early childhood experts, is being accessed by COIPP families. The founder of the program is allowing us to share the AP with our caregivers for no cost to us.  The work is geared to help children cognitively, socially and emotionally, by offering their caregivers all kinds of great, easy to use, ideas for working with their children. 

Thanks to the Zavos family, we how have fabulous new furniture in our lending/giving library at the Detention Center.  Their donation includes three small benches, beautifully made in red and natural wood, with compartments below for books. It is perfect. We see this as really making a difference for children when they are waiting to visit a loved one.

Our ‘I Made This’ weekend activity for children was so successful we are planning many more. There will be a Bouncy House party, as well as an obstacle course day and other fun activities for thekids. As always, it is always free of charge. The kids and the caregivers just love these events. 

Scholarships have once again been successful this year.  As of this writing, four have been awarded for Frederick Community College students who are caregivers to a child with an incarcerated loved one, or who have incarceration in their own family.  Probably one of the best things we do, this activity allows folks to gain their own financial independence and subsequently pave a way for a better life.   

December, 5, 2017- Our Annual Silent Auction is already being planned. It will once again be in December at the Delaplaine Arts and Education Center.   Put it on your calendar now—but it is coming!