FCC Scholarship Testimonials

COIPP sponsors with FCC to help participants receive an education. We are proud of all they have accomplished! Here are two testimonials from our participants. We thank all those for your support in this program. 

Dear Donors of Incarcerated Parents Partnership,

My name is Erica XXX and I am one if the recipients for the Incarcerated Parents Scholarship.  I was honored to reeve this scholarship, as it will help me with my expenses as I attend Frederick Community College.

Thanks to the help if this program, I have been able to reduce my hours at work in order to devote more time to my studying. Growing up as the eldest child of an incarcerated parent, I had a mother who was present sometimes and a father who I nevergot to know.

I always joined groups that tailored to helping others as a teen.  I would like to become a Social Worker. My main focus will be Substance Abuse and Addictions Counseling.

Thank you for your generous scholarship.  This act has created even more positive encouragement for me and I plan to use this to better my future. 


Erica XXX


Hello my name is Salita XXX.  I’m very thankful and i appreciate you both Cindi Diamondstone and Shari Ostrow Scher for making this scholarship available to parents like me who are raising a child or children with the other parent being absent from the home because they are incarcerated. This is a hard situation to deal with and finances are limited at times and this scholarship makes it a little easier to take care of my daughter and obtain school materials that will help me be successful in obtaining my degree. Also, taking care of bills to maintain my home. The scholarship is such a great help to parents in the same situation as myself and our children who suffer the most in this glum time. 

I just really want to say I real appreciate and thank you again so much for the scholarship. And also for thinking about parents like us that need the extra help and acknowledge that we need someone that understands and helps us in such a sorrowful time.  Thank you again.