Wonderful Events Happening With COIPP

So many wonderful things are happening with COIPP. If you have noticed, we have a new website! We are excited with how it turned out! We have so many weekly activities that keep us busy.

Wednesday nights at the Detention Center:

Nothing is more humbling that teaching Parenting Class at the Detention Center to women inmates. Though all who voluntarily attend have different backgrounds, experiences and stories, they attend to be the best parent they can be, even if it means parenting from afar.  This has been an ongoing project of our group and continues every week. Thanks to the women who join in with meaningful comments and great insights.

Stacey's Jewelry:

We are so very excited to share that Stacey Krantz, the wonderful owner and assigned of In Bloom jewelry, has so very generously chosen our founder, Shari Ostrow Scher, as her hero for the year and designed a beautiful necklace in honor of this award.  It is a Gingko Leaf, a piece of nature that, in part, stands for resilience.  Stacey is donating all proceeds from necklace sales, minus the cost of materials, to COIPP. These necklaces are simply exquisite!  If you know of someone who has been resilient, even if it is you, get in touch with Stacey at and read about the Heroes fundraiser that she has a started.  Stacey is our hero!

Book Bundles:

We have been very busy ordering Bundles of Books to go to caregivers who complete our workshops that are coming up in the Fall at Head Start and the Housing Authority at Lucas Village.  Thanks to a grant from the United way, and the help of The Curious Iguana Bookstore in downtown Frederick, the books are in and ready to be distributed. They will give each participant a beginning young children's library for the home. We have carefully chosen the titles and think they will be a gift to last a very long time.

Walmart Gift Cards:

We have finally distributed all of our Walmart gift cards to families that need our assistance- and it is time for us to get some more.  These are cards we give when a family with an incarcerated loved one needs school clothing, food, or basic essentials. So glad we could help out many with acute needs. No child should have to go without.