The organization Children of Incarcerated Parents Partnership was founded several years ago to help a special group of children in Frederick County, Maryland. Started by one person, it quickly grew to be an organization supported by ‘mid managers’ from a variety of non-profit agencies in Frederick, Maryland. Our belief is that children of incarcerated parents are a group of children who lack a voice of their own. Our work and our mission is to give them such a voice in the community, in the schools, and in their family. We are proud to say that we are now an official non-profit organization.

In order to meet our mission, we have created resources, and programs to meet the needs of the children. These have included, but are not limited to, the following for the children, as well as their caregivers:

  • Resource baggies
  • Establishment of a library
  • Support for specialized camps
  • Development of children’s books
  • Spa Day

For the community, our work has included:

  • Symposiums
  • Caregiver Support Groups
  • Community discussion and raising awareness

It is important to note that all of this has been accomplished through the volunteer efforts and hard work of a few committed people and the support of their many friends.







United Way of Frederick has accepted our application for ‘Baskets of Children’s Books’, to be distributed to caregivers who participate in our ongoing parenting sessions.
The Frederick County Women’s Giving Circle has accepted our application for two scholarships for women who are caregivers and attending Frederick County Community College.



The Cupcake Fun 5K Run was a huge success for COIPP.  We made over $2500, all of which will go to help our children and their caregivers.  We can hardly wait until next year’s race!

Resource Fair at the Frederick Adult Detention Center – We had a wonderful time at the annual Resource Fair at the Frederick Adult Detention Center during men’s visitation.  We gave out Resource Bags, handmade blankets, information on different programs that assist children and caregivers, stuffed animals, children’s books and much more. There was even face painting!  Next year we are going to extend our hours, so that more children can have a great day while they visit a loved one.

Bowling/Pizza Party – Our first bowling/pizza party was terrific. We had more than 30 caregivers and children come out for a Sunday morning of fun.  As one child, Cait, put it, “The reason why we’re bowling is because we are letting go of sadness.” We already have plans underway to start some Fall weekend children and caregivers trips and activities.

InBloom Jewelry – Fantastic news! Stacey Krantz, designer of InBloom Jewelry, has chosen Shari Ostrow Scher as her first ‘hero’.  Stacey is an amazing talent who always believes in giving back. She has designed a stunning ginkgo shaped necklace to celebrate .  All proceeds above cost will be given to Children Of Incarcerated Parents Partnership.  These necklaces are not only stunning; the proceeds will greatly help our cause. Go to her website  and see the two necklace choices.



Our auction at Vini Culture in November raised over $7,000 and we are already planning next year’s event. Be thinking about what you want to donate; we can always use items for the auction! Let us know if you have something to offer!

The week before Valentine’s Day COIPP did a great project at the Frederick Adult Detention center. Volunteers worked with female inmates to help them record messages on record-able stuffed animals. These and handmade Valentine’s day cards made by the women were then shipped to their children. It was a great day for 24 inmates and their families.

Shari Scher filling her car with Valentine's Day packages.

Shari Scher filling her car with Valentine’s Day packages.

photo 1

Vice President Donna Quatman Wilder (right) and treasurer Cindi Diamondstone (center) along with a friendly helper from the Detention Center.

Howie Scher covered in stuffed animals as we packed up for the activity

Howie Scher covered in stuffed animals as we packed up for the activity.




Parenting Sessions: We continue to have ongoing Wednesday evening parenting sessions at the Frederick Adult Detention Center for women inmates. We are about to begin parenting sessions at Lucas Village, Head Start and Family Literacy. See our Events page for more information.

Holiday Season:  We are looking forward to making the holidays special for the children of inmates by having the Moms in the Frederick Detention Center make special gifts for their children, including the individual taping of books by the Moms and the taping of a special, personal message in huggable, stuffed animals.

Speaking Engagements: We are spreading the word through variety of speaking engagements at the Maryland State Character Counts Conference, the Frederick Retired Teacher’s Association, and upcoming engagements at the Eastern Shore Children’s Group, and the Maryland State Warden’s Conference in Ocean City.

Upcoming Event:  First Annual Silent Auction

Date:  Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Time:   5:00 pm – 7:00 pm (with bidding ending at 6:30.)

Location:  Vini Culture, 20 North Market Street, Frederick, MD


  1. There is no entrance fee for attending.
  2. Only cash and checks will be accepted for auction bids.
  3. Wine, drinks and food will be available for purchase.
  4. Items for auction include gift certificates from the Orchard, The Wine Kitchen, Molly’s Meanderings, Cakes to Die For, gift baskets from Relish, Firestone’s Market, glass work from Sue Delaney, jewelry from Stacy Krantz, and much, much more. There will also be limited edition artwork from artists like Barry Richardson and P. Buckley Moss. The list goes on and on and is being updated daily.

Please plan on attending!



We are going to have ongoing, fun, free activities for the children. If you are interested in learning more, contact Porsche Dorsey at 240-422-0387 or Chrissy Pugh at 240-310-6069. They are also available by email: or



Resource Fair at Detention center – We will be having a Resource Fair at the Detention center on Sunday, April 13, 2014 from 1 – 3:00 p.m.  We will have bags filled with resources for the children, blankets for families, face painting and lots of other surprises.  We do this at least once a year during men’s visitation and have usually given out we bring in in a two hour time period.

The National Prisoner’s Family Conference – Shari Ostrow Scher will be presenting on Children of Incarcerated Parents Partnership at The National Prisoner’s Family Conference in Dallas, Texas. This conference is designed to support the families of prisoners.

Gifts for children – In late December 2013, we worked with women at the Detention center so that their children could receive holiday gifts from their Moms.  Women who were participating in parenting classes had the opportunity to make holiday stockings, tape books, and send a special message via a stuffed bear or dog to their children.  It was an emotional time and a  great success.

Membership – Lots of local churches and community groups had the president of COIPP come and talk about the group.  The interest was enormous. The payoff was that many new members decided to join the ranks of our membership while we outreach to the children.

Support Groups – Small support groups for caregivers are currently continuing at Family Partnership.  Additional ones will be starting at Head Start in the next few months and possibly at Lucas Village and Family Literacy.

Lending Library –  Lots of books have been collected for our lending library at the Detention center. The groups that have participated in collection are Hood College, Middletown Library, Onica Prall Child Development Center at Hood, Frederick Literacy Council, and more. The result is that we now have more than enough books for children to take away as they visit a loved one.



Looking for Volunteers!

Two board members are leaving our organization and we are in need of additional help. If you’re interested please contact us for information by visiting the Contact page or calling 301-471-1459.

Scholarships: Frederick Community College recently awarded two scholarships.

Book: We are almost finished revising a book for children on the Frederick Detention Center. We will announce when it is available.