Email received from a Caregiver
Hygiene Supply/Food Gift Card: “Thank you ladies so much for your generosity today! I’ve never been good with words but I am sooooo grateful and appreciative of your help!!”

Postcard received from a woman in jail
Telephone call money and Book/Game Box resource: “You guys have earned spots in my heart as well as in my family. You helped to make a hard situation lighter and brighter! Thank you for all that you are, all that you have done, and all you will do. I appreciate you.”

Email from a Caregiver who received the Activities Booklet
‘Staying Connected’ Activities Book: “Thank you for giving children a fun way to keep in touch with parent’s. My daughter thinks of her dad a lot and this is nice to have for fun ideas to communicate for them both.” 

Evaluation from women in jail and in the Parenting Class
Women’s Parenting Class: “I love you both. I thank you for your time and I wish the class was longer.”

Email from a Caregiver who received a delivery of diapers and hygiene supplies
Diapers and hygiene supplies: “I just wanted to thank you for the delivery. It is more than appreciated and so needed. Thank you all again for all that you do …my children and I genuinely are appreciative.”

Evaluation from Women’s Parenting Class Attendee
Woman’s Parenting Class: “I’m a mother of four and am currently incarcerated at FCADC. This is my first time in Parenting class. This class has taught me and shown me some good ways and techniques for handling situations with all ages of children. I also learned reasons why children behave and do the things they do. We have a great time starting situations and making suggestions….I especially like it when Shari reads to us. It touches the little girl inside of me and helps remind me what it is like to be little again. Seeing Shari and Cathy every Wednesday come through the door gives me strength and hope and know that “I Am a Warrior Goddess”.

Reported by a Respite Meeting Volunteer
Respite Meeting for Caregivers: “One woman with four children was packing up some leftover food. She looked at a group of us and said that this food would get her through the weekend. She then went and got her children to make sure that we had met them.  She kept thanking us for all we do.”

Reported by a Respite Meeting Volunteer
Respite Meeting: “A new participant began to cry. She said this was the first time she felt she could talk with others who really understood what she was feeling.”

Evaluation from a Caregiver  
Book/Game Box: “Thank you so much. This was a great surprise for [her daughter]. She loved it, and it gave me the opportunity to teach her all about the world and the people in it. Thanks.”

Statement from a Scholarship Recipient
“I am very grateful to be the recipient of this scholarship, that not only provides financial assistance, but also hope and motivation. To me, this award acknowledges my efforts to improve the outcomes and achieve goals that will benefit me and my children. I look forward to earning a Personal Training certification in May of this year and your generosity helped make it possible.”