Children of
Incarcerated Parents

Our mission is to foster the growth of strong, resilient,
hopeful children who are impacted by the incarceration
of a loved one in the Frederick County region.


Children of Incarcerated Parents Partnership (COIPP) provides support, resources and services for the children impacted by the incarceration of a loved one, as well as their caregivers and present and formerly incarcerated family members in the Frederick region. COIPP is a volunteer-led non-profit organization that has been in existence for over sixteen years, and continues to grow in the number of those served and the number of programs provided.

While there are many people in the Frederick County Detention Center on any given day, that number does not tell the whole story. The majority of this population has children, and the statistics do not show the number of Frederick parents in other facilities around the country. There is much research and evidence that shows the hardships that families face from this unfortunate time in their lives negatively impacts their children’s social and emotional development. And COIPP is there to help!

COIPP uses donations and grants to provide the many activities that serve families. Because COIPP is comprised of all volunteers, all money raised is applied directly into projects/activities to assist them, such as fun and educational children’s activities, a free book nook and regular sharing fairs at the Detention Center, parenting workshops at the Detention Center, respite workshops for the caregivers, scholarships to Frederick Community College for caregivers and those former inmates and their children, and so much more.

COIPP is here for the community, and we invite you to join in helping these vulnerable children, their parents, and caregivers.