February, 2021

Oh What A Month It Was! 

“Thank you Ms. Shari for all of the boxes you have given me. The resources really 
helped me during quarantine.  If you didn’t give me any of these toys/books I would probably be even more bored. I really appreciate everything you have given me
during these hard times.”

Written by a child upon receipt of the newest Family Resource Box

Meet some special COIPP supporters:

You have often read about the extra support we get from Marlene and Tom England, owners of Curious iguana Book Store and Dancing Bear Toy Store in downtown Frederick. While we cannot say enough about the quality of the resources we purchase from their stores and the discounts they send our way, it is how they go far beyond the usual work of similar stores that make them true COIPP heroes. They fundraise for COIPP, call when new, appropriate resources arrive, keep us apprised of new books that are published on topics of particular interest to our children, individualize the contents of Family Resource Boxes we mail out, donate money to the cause and even take extra time out of their day to talk with COIPP participants who drop by. I would be remiss not to mention that not only Tom and Marlene deserve big thanks. Their entire staff works tirelessly to help COIPP.  This has been a team effort. Thanks to these cheerleaders who help us every day.

Unity Campaign

We are once again part of the United Way Unity Campaign. This fundraiser for Frederick’s non-profits is our largest fundraiser of the year. There is a partial match of money thanks to the generosity of corporations and businesses throughout Frederick.  Due to the generosity of our donors, we have been able to increase the goal originally requested for this year. If you help us, we will not only be able to continue our present work, but expand programs and add to the resources we distribute. Please consider making a donation. Text Unity202156 to 71777 or go to the following link to make a donation:


Highlights of This Month’s Activities

Gail House Classes- Through March of 2020, we offered classes at the Frederick County Adult Detention Center (FCADC) for parents who were incarcerated. Due to COVID, all in person visits and classes were ended.  However, this month we started on a new journey. We are now teaching Parenting From Afar to women at the Gail House, a residential drug treatment program in Frederick. We do this via Zoom. We hope to bring the same course to the men at Olson House. A huge shout out goes to our colleagues at the Mental Health Association and our collaborative program called Families Impacted by Incarceration Program (FIIP).

Expanded Children’s Activities- February was the month for some new beginnings. We added juggling lessons and demonstrations by Christian Kloc, an amazing, talented, patient young man. Katie from Thorpewood created some videos about the Thorpewood Farm and allowed us to send these fabulous videos to our children. Add in a nature walk we were able to do at Staley Park with both children and caregivers, all of whom wore masks, and we have a month filled with success.

Workshops- This month we had the honor of doing the first of a two-session workshop for Healthy Families. It was all about Children and Their Feelings and was designed to share strategies and resources to help children through anger, sadness and trauma. We are very excited to have this opportunity through the Mental Health Association. We have a number of additional workshops planned and always enjoy the opportunities this brings.

Respite Meeting- This month we held our always popular Respite Meeting. We focused on Family Activities and things to do during inclement weather. We were able to purchase a high quality age appropriate board game for every family and a gift card to a grocery store.  These have become favorite monthly events and we are always looking forward to the next one and we hope to expand these opportunities.

So much more is taking place. We spoke to the Board members of Standing Firm Against Frederick’s Homelessness (Steadfast), to mentors at I Believe In Me and more. We added an Advisory Committee to COIPP and completed our 2020 Annual Report To The Community. Our fundraising committee and social media group kept going forward. We staffed our office every Wednesday and kept working on website migration and data collection. We had the honor of picking up a collection of hygiene supplies donated by Lisa Barber and the staff at La Petite Childcare Center. In all, as much was happening behind the scenes as in front.

Ongoing Fundraisers

  • Gingko Leaf Note Cards designed by Christine Wilson (5 for $15). If you are interested in purchasing a packet, message Shari or email coippfrederick@yahoo.com
  • Stacey Krantz, InBloom Jewelry, has designed a one-of-a-kind Sterling Silver Necklace, Resilience. The pendant is in the shape of a gingko leaf. Profits from the sale of these necklaces are donated to COIPP.

If you are interested in attending our Board meetings, please let us know. We meet via ZOOM, the second Friday of each month fromnoon-2:00. Just get in touch so we can share the specifics: coippfrederick@yahoo.com

Check out our Website, coipp.org if you are interested in volunteering with us. It does take a village, and as always, we are truly grateful for your support.

In the meantime, please continue to take care, and stay safe and healthy!

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