Parenting From Afar Class Updates

Our Parenting From Afar Parenting classes continued to thrive in April, even though there were many lockdowns throughout the April month. The women continued to celebrate one another and their children. We really enjoy  the last evening the most, the time the women get to go ‘shopping’ for children’s books while others make water color cards for each child.

Cathy and Shari go every Wednesday night, regardless of the weather, for the women are really look forward to this opportunity. All through the month, former class participants continued to return just to take part in the classes. Thanks to our MHA collaboration and a Maryland Governor’s Grant, supported by our Frederick Local Management Board, Cathy, Shari, Cindi and Marisel meet every Monday night to write and edit our ‘home grown’ Parenting From Afar Curriculum. 

What an honor it has been to have national expert Ann Adelist- Estrin come to Frederick several times to work with COIPP and MHA personnel. This was Ann’s second time just with us, but some of us have also heard her many times in the state and at national and international conferences. Ann will be returning in July, will be visiting our Parenting From Afar class at FCADC, and will be reviewing our curriculum. April’s meeting was filled with positives as well as areas for growth. Our Monday night curriculum meetings may never end. 

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